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Hi, I'm Max!

I'm a freelance web developer from Germany, specialized in React and Node.js development.

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Recent Work

Landlord Dashboard

The Landlord Dashboard is where landlords on Wunderflats manage their apartments and bookings. It was developed using React and Next.js.

GRAFT Architects

Implemented the new website for architecture firm GRAFT using Next.js and Visit website

I've worked with Max for many years, both as a full time employee and a freelancer. As a Product Manager I've always appreciated that he delivers quality software on time. However, his biggest strength is his user centric mindset and proactively finding solutions to problems that we as a Product- and Design team did not even see before.

Matthias Schubert
Product Management Consultant
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Hire me to build your web application or website using a modern JavaScript tech stack.

Web application development

Performant, scalable, and secure web applications with robust architecture, built with Node.js.

Website development

Your website will not only look good and load super-fast. It will be engineered for great search engine performance and shareability on social media.

React development

Component development, Application architecture, Testing solutions, Build setups, Accessibility, Next.js development.

Node.js development

Web services, APIs, Command line applications, Testing solutions, DevOps.

In just a few short months, Max has become an indispensable part of our small software development team.

While Max is a brilliant engineer (his performant code and fearlessness in tackling any engineering problem speak for themselves), what has made Max so valuable to our lean dev team is his self-directed nature, “can do” problem solving attitude, his wealth of experience in software development management, and a willingness to fill in the gaps in our team.

Max’s strengths come to life when he effortlessly translates business requirements into executable engineering tasks which he then quickly turns into well-documented software with real business value.

Kyle Lee
57st. Design

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It is extremely difficult to find developers like Max who are this competent, reliable, fast and fair in terms of pricing. Together with Rosy DX we have already realized two websites and I hope there will be many more projects to follow.

Alain Bieber
Rosy DX