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28th October 2013

How to Inherit Events from Backbone Views

Today I needed a way to inherit events from a parent view using Backbone. I found a great solution on Stack Overflow and here's how I implemented it. The code examples in this post assume you're using RequireJS for AMD but of course the solution also works with plain Backbone.

All my views inherit from a view called BaseView:


define('views/base-view', ['backbone', 'underscore'], function(Backbone, _) {
return Backbone.View.extend({
inheritEvents: function(parent) {
var parentEvents =
if (_.isFunction(parentEvents)) {
parentEvents = parentEvents()
} = _.extend({}, parentEvents,

The inheritViews-method is key here. Now if you want to extend a view from another including all events, you can do the following:


define('views/child-view', ['views/parent-view'], function(ParentView) {
return ParentView.extend({
events: {
'click #start-button': '_start'
initialize: function() {
ParentView.prototype.initialize.apply(this, arguments)
// inherit all events from ParentView
_start: function() {

That's it! Make sure you call inheritEvents in the constructor and that ParentView extends BaseView (or another view that extends BaseView). Otherwise, inheritEvents will not be available to you.

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